Our Terms and Conditions


1. Bee Polished Ltd agree to provide the cleaning services for the home as set out in the attached notes hereto and will exercise reasonable skill and care in performing the service. Further, Bee Polished Ltd will undertake the cleaning services in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner.


2. The contract is for an unlimited term offered to you on a rolling weekly basis. Either party can terminate the contract by giving the other party one week’s written notice.


3. The Client has hereby given permission to Bee Polished Ltd to enter the home in order to undertake the cleaning services as set out in the attached notes or as may be agreed between the parties.


4.  Bee Polished Ltd will provide all the necessary machinery, tools and materials for the proper completion of the cleaning service. Such materials shall be of a high standard and suitable for use in the home.


5. In order to undertake the cleaning services the Client will provide Bee Polished Ltd with keys to access the home if they are not at home.  Such keys shall remain the property of the Client and are to be returned to the Client upon request. Bee Polished Ltd agrees not to loan, duplicate, or use the keys in any unauthorised manner nor for any reason other than to access the property at agreed times for the purposes of cleaning. Bee Polished Ltd will ensure the safe keeping of keys at all times. Bee Polished Ltd accepts responsibility for the costs of replacement keys, locks and any associated damage or losses should the keys be lost, stolen or misused whilst in their possession.


 6. In the event that the Client wishes a particular product or tool to be used to undertake any cleaning, Bee Polished Ltd agree to exercise reasonable skill and care in using the same to the instructions of the Client and where such reasonable skill and care is used Bee Polished Ltd accepts no liability for damages caused by or to products or machinery.


7. Bee Polished Ltd will repair or replace any items damaged during the process of cleaning up to a max cost of £1000. Bee Polished Ltd takes no liability for faulty fixtures and fittings of items in the client’s house or damaged caused by them. It remains the client’s duty to maintain the environment and inform of any changes. If an item is damaged, we will contact you to inform you within 24 hrs.


8. All cleaning will be performed by members of Bee Polished Ltd staff. While working in pairs the duration of the clean will be reduced to half the quoted time although the total duration will remain constant.

9. The Client agrees to pay Bee Polished Ltd the quoted cleaning rate, detailed at the start of this contract, in respect of the aforesaid cleaning services. The Client will be invoiced by Bee Polished Ltd on the day of the clean and BACS payment is expected by return. Alternatively, please leave cash on kitchen table on day of clean in a sealed envelope. This will be collected, and receipt left,  please note, we will not always be able to provide change.

10. In the event that payment for cleaning services is not received within 14 days of said clean, then any cleaning agreement will be suspended until the outstanding amount is cleared.


11. Where the Client seeks to temporarily suspend the services e.g. by reason of extended holidays, they shall provide Bee Polished Ltd with 4 weeks’ notice. Any other cancellation of an agreed clean requires a minimum of 1-week notice or is subject the full cleaning cost.

12. In the event of any changes to Bee Polished Ltd.’s prevailing rates or service, Bee Polished Ltd will provide 4 weeks' notice.

13. In the event that additional cleaning services are required by the Client these shall be the subject of specific agreement between the parties.

14. In the event of the client having a complaint or an item cannot be found, the client agrees to raise such a complaint orally or in writing within 24 hours of the complaint arising or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable.

15 Bee Polished Ltd. agrees that it nor its employees shall not now, during the currency of this contract, nor at any time thereafter, use, publish or otherwise disclose any information which, by reason of its character or the circumstance or manner of its disclosure, is evidently confidential to the client, relating to the affairs, finances or business of the client, her family or her household, otherwise that in the proper course of cleaning duties or as required by the law. DCBN agrees not to communicate with the Press, broadcasting or other media regarding the client, the client’s family or household, except with the Client's express prior written consent.

16.Bee Polished Ltd.’s staff will exercise reasonable skill and attention in caring for any pets while in a property but we cannot be liable for any damage caused to or by animals during, after or as a result of our cleaning.

17. Bee Polished Ltd will not accept deliveries while in a property unless by prior agreement. When accepting deliveries Bee Polished Ltd. accepts no liability for checking the conditions or contents of the delivery.


18. Where parking is restricted it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure access. Where necessary parking passes should be provided.


19.The Client agrees that they will not directly or indirectly approach Bee Polished Ltd.’s staff to work for them or a third party.

20. Any variation to the terms set out herein is subject to the parties agreeing to the same